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Project Summary

A Short History of Summit Village Facilities Planning effort:
      completed by Henry Elling, Village Administrator

 May, 2007                  Town Annual Meeting with motion to study Town Hall replacement

April 3, 2008              Town Board decision to begin study of Town Hall replacement

December 4, 2008     Town Facilities Report accepted by Town Board -This plan is  titled DURRANT REPORT 2008 

April 23, 2009             Multi-jurisdictional Boundary Agreement approved 

Summer, 2009            Incorporation Petition begins 

July 29, 2010              Village of Summit incorporated

January 2011              Village Board engages Ehler’s Associates to complete financial plan  for Utility Districts and Village for long-range financial planning

November 3, 2011       Village Board accepts overall financial management plans 

December 31, 2012     Summit Fire District dissolved



January               Utility District #2 adopts Revised Special Assessment 

March                   Police Chief Race retires 

December 1        Police Chief Hartert begins service 



January 2             Village Board approved RFP for updated facilities plan

                                    This document is titled RFP 2014 

March 6                Village Board engages Bray Architects for 2014 facilities plan 

September 4        Village Board accepts updated 2014 facilities report

                                    This document is titled BRAY REPORT 2014 


June 1                  Public Open House  #1 Flyer

September 14     Village Board interviews Bray Architects and MSI General 

October 1             Village Board concludes engagement with Bray Architects 

November 5
        Village Board approves contract with MSI General for design and construction management on Village Hall renovations



April 7      Village Board receives design and floor plans from MSI General for renovation on existing Village Hall at 2911 North Dousman Road. Estimated cost for this project is $4,795,083. Village Board requests schematic plans and cost estimate for greenfield site.  This document is titled MSI Report #1

 May 4      MSI presents 3 Options for new constructionThis document is titled MSI Report #2A  & MSI Report #2B

  •  Summit Village Commons: 2 parcels 6.5 acres and 1.5 acres.  Construction of $5.5 million, purchase price for 8 acres $650,000 with the current Village Hall property sold for $450,000 = $5,550,000. The plan includes police, community room and admin on one level connected with lobby; a DPW building with drive thru and salt shed, a dedicated lot for visitors and separate driveway for Police Department and administration, with space for expansion. Total space includes 19,000 square feet in Village Hall, 10,000 square feet for highway shop, salt storage for 800 tons of salt, and 3000 square feet cold storage at park. There is room for cold storage on this site.

Estimated project costs: $6 million construction, $650,000 land, sale of existing village hall for $450,000. Total $6,178,100


  • Summit Village Commons: only one 6 acre lot. Same square footage, cold storage would not fit here.

                        Estimated project cost: $6 million construction, $450,000 land, sale of existing village hall
                        for $450,000. Total $5.9 million.

  • Village Park site:    east side of park site, building footprint 19,000 square feet: community room, police department, administration with shared lobby, two separate driveways DWP/PD and community, shared parking lot for baseball diamond use, DPW building on this site with combined cold storage total 13,000 square foot building, and salt storage building. 6 acres for site.


Estimated project cost: $6,083,100 construction, less sale of existing site for $450,000 Total = $5,633,100


May 4       Village Board directs MSI and village staff to proceed with design and purchase for Option #2 – Summit Village Commons Lot #6. 

July 21     Village Board completes agreement to sell Lot #6 in Summit Village Commons for new village hall site. Contingencies must be satisfied by November 18, 2016.This document is titled MSI Report #3 

August 16  MSI presentation to Village Board for Lot #6 in Summit Village Commons. Construction costs still estimated at this time to be $5,850,000. Approximate square footages includes 31,378 total - 8,000 admin and police, 9,000 DPW, 2,000 cold storage and 2,400 salt storage. 

October 17  MSI presentation on site and architectural plans for Lot #6 in Summit Village Common. Construction budget: $5,848,848. This document is titled MSI Report #4A, MSI Report #4BMSI Report #C

November 17  Village Board votes to discontinue Purchase Agreement for Lot #6 at Summit Village Commons. Directs MSI to prepare a cost estimate for the Summit Village Park property at 37505 Genesee Lake Road. 

December 6 and 12   Village Board meetings to review possible site plans for the new village hall project at the Summit Village Park, 37505 Genesee Lake Road. 

December 19  MSI presentation for new village hall project at the Summit Village Park estimated at $6,130,848. Village Board postpones any decision on the Summit Village Park.This document is titled MSI Report #5A & MSI Report #5B




January 5     Village Board approves purchase agreement with TKSM LLC to purchase 7.13 acres of land at the northwest corner of Dousman Road and Delafield Road for $517,638. Village Board directs MSI to develop a site and architectural plan for this property. 

January 11 and 19    Village Board and Plan Commission meet to review site and architectural plans for property at Dousman Road and Delafield Road. 

January 19    Village Plan Commission approves conceptual site and architectural plans for the new village hall and public works building. MSI Report #6A, MSI Report #6B. DPW A, DPW B, Hall A, Hall B

January 24     Village Board approves conceptual site and architectural plans. Village Board accepts preliminary budget of $6,191,530 and instructs MSI to prepare construction drawings and bids for review at the April 6 Village Board meeting.This document is titled MSI Report #7
Meeting  Minutes

April 6, 2017  6:30 p.m.  Village Board regular meeting – agenda will include discussion and action on bids and costs for new construction.

                            January               Utility District #2 adopts Revised Special Assessment March                   Police Chief Race retires December 1        Police Chief Hartert begins service

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 Special Village Board Meeting

Discussion and action on Village Hall design and construction budget for new village hall police department and public works facilities at the northwest corner of Delafield Road (CTH DR) and Dousman Road



Tim Knepprath, MSI reviewed the updated proposal dated January 24, 2017. The joint Village Board and Plan Commission meeting on January 19 was productive. The revised plan removed the roundabout in front of hall entrance, shifted DPW building, and increased from 80’ to 100’ the area between the police and DPW building.

President Riley asked for the total number of parking stalls. Mr. Knepprath stated there are 76 space on this plan.

Trustee Arenz asked for information on an option for expansion to the community room? MSI distributed a supplemental floor plan that shows an option to add onto the building to double the size of the community room, how to do that and how it blends in with the existing architecture. There would be structural modifications needed to open it up completely because the common wall is a load bearing wall.

At the direction of the village MSI removed the rear doors (west side) from DPW, added a larger turnaround area and removed the asphalt from the west side of the DPW building. 

Trustee Wentland stated he drove around and looked at a lot of salt storage buildings, a lot of them were round and was that considered? Mr. Knepprath stated that this design is an economic building and fits in with the architecture.

Trustee Moran asked what is in the cost estimate for the landscaping? Mr. Knepprath stated they took the number from Summit Village Commons site so it will be substantial landscaping.

 MOTION: (Piefer, Arenz) to approve the January 24, 2017 proposal from MSI General Corporation in the amount of $ 5,991,530 for the buildings and general site improvements and an additional $200,000 allowance for water and sanitary sewer service and authorize them to proceed with design and engineering to obtain State and Municipal approvals, complete competitive bidding and prepare a formal cost estimate.

Administrator Elling stated this gives them the authority to go out and get bids and then the Village Board will review those bids. 

Carried 4-1. Moran opposed.

Discussion and action on proposal from S.E.H. for site civil engineering work for new village hall police department and public works facilities at the northwest corner of Delafield Road (CTH DR) and Dousman Road

Administrator Elling stated this proposal notes that $10,000 has been spent on the original contract for the Summit Village Commons site and then shows $25,700 of additional cost will be added for this new site.

MOTION:(Arenz, Piefer) to accept the proposal from SEH dated January 9, 2017 for site civil and survey work on the property at the northwest corner of Dousman and Delafield Roads in the amount of $25,700 and acknowledge the work to date in the amount of $10,000 under previous contracts. Carried 4-1. Moran opposed


Thursday, January 19, 2017 Special Village Board Meeting

Site plan samples from MSI 


On March 6, 2014 the Village Board entered into an agreement with Bray Associates Architects, Inc. to provide architectural and engineering services to assist the Village of Summit in determining options for improvements to the Village Hall and Police Department joint building and Highway Maintenance Shop, all located on the same property. The Architect shall work with Village Board and Village Staff to review the 2008 Facilities Study, gather additional background and update the deficiencies of the current building. The Architect will use information gathered to develop options to remediate the deficiencies. These options will be brought together in a plan titled "Village Facilities Plan 2014". The plan, once drafted will be reviewed by Village staff and the Village Board at a formal work session for comment, and final approval by the Village Board. 

The Plan will include:

- Updated list of deficiencies identified
- Options to remediate the deficiencies identified
- Recommendations to implement the options
- Estimated costs to implement the options

 A Master Study Group has been formed and includes: representatives from Bray, Village Administrator Henry Elling, Village Trustee Kraig Arenz, Sr., Police Chief Michael Hartert, DPW Lead Person Bill Miller, Village Clerk Debbie Michael and Village Treasurer Renee Pearson. The following schedule has been set and the group meets at 2 pm at Summit Village Hall, unless noted otherwise.  

Master Study Schedule
Date Objective
May 29 Facility needs program, existing site analysis and preliminary option inventory
June 12 Walk throughs with staff - Village Hall, Police Department, DPW
June 19 Adjacency diagramming, preliminary option analysis, enginner walkthrough
July 10  Engineer report summaries, review option analysis
July 31 Reveiw option analysis and cost estimates
August 21 Review draft document
September 4 Presentation of Final Study Document **at VB meeting 6:30 p.m.